How to get organized without breaking the bank

How to get organized without breaking the bank

Getting organized can be costly, but it doesn’t have to be. You certainly can spend a lot of money on organization if you want, but if you’re budget conscious like me, you don’t want to do that. Luckily, there are many ways to get organized without overspending.

1. Shop discount home stores like TJ Maxx or Home Goods, or use sales coupons.

I love the basket selections at my local big box craft store, but I don’t love the price. TJ Maxx and Homegoods have tons of cute baskets in a number of colors and materials, and they aren’t expensive.

2. Don’t forget the dollar stores

Dollar store bins and baskets aren’t the most durable, so they aren’t appropriate for organizing everything. They’ll do for organizing cabinets, holding bathroom toiletries and organizing your kids’ books,though.

3. Target has awesome baskets, and they’re frequently on sale

I have bought so many cute, durable baskets at Target over the years. They have so many different sizes and styles to choose from.

4. See if you can repurpose or DIY something

I have covered diaper boxes with fabric and used them for bins. I’ve wrapped old mailing boxes with twine so they’d look like a basket. I’ve used tin cans wrapped in scrapbook paper to store things. Before you buy, Look around to see what you already have that can be repurposed.

5. Shop your house

See that basket on my china hutch? It’s been everywhere. It’s been in my bathroom, my kitchen, my office, and now it landed in the dining room. Shop your house to see if you may already have something you can use before you buy anything new.

There are so many ways you can get organized by spending little to no money. All it takes is a little creativity. You’ll be glad you did it later.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Organize your home with one trip to the hardware store

Organize your home with one trip to the

Most people know you can organize your home with products from the Dollar Tree, but did you know you can also find a number of great organizing ideas at your local hardware store?

Some of the ideas you may find have been on Pinterest for awhile, such as the teacher desk toolbox organizer, or the tackle box battery organizer.

hardware organizer

                                                               Source: Buzzfeed

tackle box

Source: DIY ‘n’ Crafts

There are a number of other cheap and easy organization hacks in the aisles of your local hardware store- you just need to think outside the box a little.

PVC pipe is inexpensive and can be used to craft a number of things, such as this laundry hamper.


Better Homes and Gardens

You can also use PVC pipe to make organizing cubbies.

pipe cubby

Source: For Creative Juice

This PVC pipe shoe rack would be great in my garage or on the back porch.

shoe rack

Source: Organizing Made Fun

How about this jewelry organizer made from decorative radiator grates?

jewelry holder .jpg

Source: I Heart Organizing

You can also use pegboard to organize almost anything. I’m currently coveting this blogger’s craft room, where all the wrapping paper and paper crafting supplies are within reach. Who knew pegboard could look so cute?


Source: I Heart Organizing

How about a makeup organizer made from framed sheet metal?

makeup organizer

Source: Cool Creativity

While creating this roundup, I was impressed by the adaptability of each one of these ideas, and how they can be used for more than one room. I was also impressed by the beauty and simplicity of each craft. I plan to try one or more of these in the near future. I can’t wait to share which one it will be!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Simplify Saturdays: Using Cozi to organize your family schedule

Simplify Saturdays: Using Cozi to organize your family schedule

My family has been using an app called Cozi to better organize our lives and manage our time more efficiently. So far, it’s working really well for us.

First, we loaded our family’s names into the app, and each of us were assigned a different color. Now, when we schedule events on the calendar, it’s color coded depending on which family members the event applies. Each family member then downloads the app onto their devices and logs into the family account.

We then get a weekly email every Sunday night with the schedule for the week.

We also can use it to create to do lists AND shopping lists.

You can also plan meals using a menu database, or you can input your own recipes.

You then just assign a day to the meal.

You really can use this app to organize your whole life. And while there is a premium version, the free version will work just fine. It’s also available on both iPhone and Google Play for Android.

I really encourage you to give it a try.

How to successfully purge your playroom

How to successfully purge your playroom

Right after Christmas, our playroom looked like this:

I had no idea where we’d put all this stuff! I knew it was time to do a “playroom purge.” A playroom purge sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. You will need three laundry baskets or boxes. Label one of them “donate,” label one “keep,” and the label other one “trash.”

Afterwards, continue with the next few steps.

1. Start by going through every bin, box and basket, and removing the broken toys or toys with missing parts.

Then, you’ll need to put the broken toys or toys with missing pieces in the trash box.

2. Designate a place for everything.

Take any toys that are in the wrong place/ sitting around and put them where they belong.

3. Then, donate any toys that are duplicates, outgrown or no longer played with.

When I finished our playroom purge, our donate pile looked like this:

And our trash pile looked like this:

Our playroom now looks like this, which is quite an improvement.

4. And lastly, purge your playroom at least twice a year.

We like to clean out our playroom right before Christmas and in the summer. How do you handle toy clutter at your house?

Who Cares About Being Organized…and why you should.

Who Cares About Being Organized…and why you should.

As the owner of a blog about organizing, I am often asked lots of questions. The most frequent question I get is this one: “Why do you care so much about being organized?”

Some people just seem to be organized by nature, but for others, it’s a learned behavior. There are lots of benefits to organization, and some of them are benefits you may have never thought of.

1. Being organized saves time

Did you know the average American spends 2.5 Days each year looking for lost items? ( according to the Lost & Found Survey by Pixie)Like most people, I am often in a hurry and don’t really have a lot of extra time to spend looking for things. It makes the most sense to me to have a place for everything and to put everything in its place, so you aren’t searching for it later.

2. Being organized is good for your health

Most of us will admit we’ve been stressed and frustrated because we couldn’t find something we needed. Stress raises your blood pressure, and if the stress is a frequent problem, then you’re likely to deal with irritability, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches. (Source: organized is good for your health. You are less stressed because your life seems more in order, and you feel you have more control over your daily activities. (Psychology Today)

3. Being organized Is good for your family relationships

When we’re disorganized, it can make us cranky and irritable, and we may take our stresses out on one another. Being organized makes us more relaxed and able to enjoy one another more.

4. An organized home feels cleaner

When your home is cluttered, it doesn’t feel clean, no matter how clean it may be. But a clutter-free, picked up and put away Home looks and feels cleaner.

Being organized has plenty of benefits: it saves time, keeps you healthy, lessens your stress, and improves your family relationships. Start organizing one room at a time and you’ll notice a huge difference. It really is life changing.

Have a wonderful weekend.